Dental treatment in Germany

Dental treatment in Germany usually is a costly affair. Simple fillings can end up to a bill of a few hundred euros. This depends on the dentist you choose (some are more expensive than others) and the kind of filling that needs to be done. Should a filling be more difficult to insert, e.g. the caries is on a side of the tooth where it has contact to another tooth, the dentist could charge you more. So it could happen, that the filling will cost up to 250 eur. A private health insurance usually refunds the complete amount.


Dentures are besides orthodontic surgeries the most expensive dental treaments. Removing a tooth and replacing it with an implant and crown, would lead to a bill of up to some 4.000 eur.

This is a high cost, being only one tooth. With a private health insurance te refund would be some 80% (3.600 eur), in specific cases even up to the full amount of the bill, depending on the tariff you have contracted.

Teeth cleaning

Many people are looking for teeth cleaning since it can prevent dental infection and enabling the dentist to detect caries on an early stage.

Furthermore, perfect teeth enable a great smile. A private health insurance refunds professional teeth cleaning, usually by some 120 eur per year. While depending on the tariff you contract, a larger refund is possible.