Appointment with specialists

Receiving an appointment at specialists (cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedics amongst others) in particular is sometimes a challenge.

Appointments are either not available or the waiting period for the appointment is very long. Usually one needs to accept appointments of some 4 to 5 weeks in the future.

Having a private health insurance could reduce this time, since specialists tend to keep additional specific slots for privately insured patients.

Coverage for alternative treatment methods

A private health insurance in most cases covers treatment methods like the traditional chinese medicine (TCM) as well as naturopathic treatments.

These kind of treatment methods more and more people prefer, since it is said, that these treaments are well received by the body.

Refund for glasses / contact lenses or eye surgery

People who wear glasses or using lenses get a refund from the private health insurance company.

The amount of the refund depends on the health insurance company you choose and the tariff you contract. In many cases the private health insurance company pays for an eye surgery when the diopters change by a specifc grade.

Expenses for medication

Treating some sicknesses sometimes implies medication. This can either be prescribed medicine or prescription free medicine.

Prescribed medicine is covered by the private health insurance. Even the prescription free medicine is refunded, in case you ask the doctor to confirm the necessity of the medication.

This is called in German terms — REZEPTFREI – and the doctor needs to fill in and hand you out such a paper (see below). This paper you would send to the private health insurance company for refund.

Treatment in private clinics

Some small clinics have themselves either specialized in specific surgeries (e.g. coronal, neuronal, orthopedics) and larger clinics have more experience in one field than another.

In case you need a treament / surgery it is highly recommended to look for the right clinic. Having a private health insurance you could choose a clinc from all the clinics in Germany where you wish the treatment / surgery to be done.

Some tariffs include also the possiblity to receive a treatment / surgery in another country.