We provide you with a broad network of other freelancers and companies via Bramex Plus.

networking in Germany

Networking is a very important point for freelancers. Every freelancer should build a network with other freelancers and potential clients.

A project assignment is usually limited to a few months or a few years. In many cases, freelance contracts are only renewed on a monthly basis.

As soon as a project comes to an end, the freelancer has to activate his network and use existing contacts to find a new project quickly and in the least possible time.

This gives you the opportunity to use our network and make important contacts that can provide a significant contribution to your success as a freelancer.

We hold online meetings at regular intervals where we give a presentation. The content of the presentation is changing.

Topics that we choose are either currently of great interest within the population in Germany, or scientific topics that are presented by a scientist. These lecture series are intended to give you an even better and more detailed look at certain topics.

Apart from your IT, telecommunications and your professional specialization that you have, we will provide you with certain content that can be useful in everyday professional life with your clients and teammates.

We also regularly invite representatives of companies that are looking for freelancers. You will get an initial picture of the company and the jobs they would like to fill.

After the presentation you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the company representative if you are interested in an available position.

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