Tax reduction through retirement savings

Freelancers are not obliged to pay into the statutory pension plan. Therefore, you have the opportunity to take out a private pension plan which provides you a stable income once you retire.

At the same time, the contributions to a private pension plan are tax-deductible and lead to annual tax savings.

You can significantly reduce the tax burden with a private pension plan. So you save taxes and at the same time ensure that you receive an income when you retire.

taxes in germany
taxes in Germany

Tax advice

As a high-income freelancer, there are usually high tax payments to the tax office.

In such cases there is a need for advice from a tax advisor who tries to exhaust all possibilities to keep your tax burden as low as possible. We work with a tax advisor who prepares the tax return for you.

You get an integrated overall concept (insurance / pension plans / tax advice) with the aim of working out an optimal solution for you.